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Register for Celebration 2024

VCQ members enjoy discounts on all our classes and events.
To pay the member rate for Celebration, you must be a member in the year that you register, as well as in the year of Celebration, 2024. If you are not yet a member, you can select an option to join for both years and pay the reduced member rate. You will save more than the price of membership just on the cost of Celebration!

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• Includes lodging, food and class registration.
• Day Rate does NOT include lodging.
• Rates for private rooms changed since original publication, due to change in price VCQ must pay.
• Only a few private rooms are available on first come, first serve. If it's not in the list of rate options, then they are all full now.
• Contact Deb Schupp, celebration@vcq.org with questions, or to get on the waiting list for a private room.
• You must pay $100 Non-Refundable Deposit OR the full fee, in order to register now.


Only workshops that still have open spaces are in these lists.
If you don't see the workshop you want, it will be in a waitlist below.
  Would you like to be on a waitlist for a class that is full?


Roommate 1    
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Shared rooms provide for a minimum of 3 occupants, maximum 4.
(4th bed is a trundle bed so please keep this in mind when selecting your roommates.)
Special Dietary Restrictions:
Are you a nurse?  
Other medical professional? (specify)


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